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All travelers to Mexico must present proof of citizenship (either a valid passport, or original birth certificate and photo ID.) In addition, visitors must carry a Mexican Tourist Permit, which is issued free of charge on arrival after proof of citizenship is shown, or may be provided in advance by an airline or travel agent. This permit must be given to Immigration officials on departure. Children under the age of 18 who are traveling alone or with only one parent need notarized consent from parent(s).

Obesity Clinic in Mazatlan , Sinaloa, Mexico

With seven major airlines and numerous charter flights serving Mazatlan daily, it™s easy to plan a vacation in Mazatlan. Well-established ground transportation, including buses, taxis and rental cars, enable visitors to relax as soon as they arrive.

Mazatlan is served by a variety of airlines from cities in Canada and the U.S. including: Alaska Airlines, America West, Continental, Frontier, Mexicana, AeroMexico, MLT Vacations, Trans-global Vacations, Companion Holidays, Signature Vacations, Air-Transat Holidays, Sun Country Airlines and Aerocalifornia.

The Rafael Buelna International Airport is 25 minutes from the golden zone. You can also drive to Mazatlan (approximately 600 miles from the U.S. border, taking the Pan American Highway from Nogales to Mazatlan) If you have a yacht, you can sail directly to the Marina El Cid.

Safe, reliable taxis are available at affordable rates.

  • ECO TAXIS ROJOS +52 (669) 985-2828
  • ECO TAXIS VERDES +52 (669) 986-11-11

Public transportation serves all major tourist destinations and is economical, reliable and safe.

Address and Phones

Polimédica Building. 4th floor. #413, Mazatlán, Sin.
Phone (01152) 669 112 03 20,
Nextel 72*590429*2,
USA phone (619)955 65 27,
Free line in Mexico Phone: 01 800 823 77 47

Obesity Clinic in Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico

Just a two hour flight from Southern California, 5 hours from Chicago and Miami, and 6 1/2 from New York City, every major airline has direct flights to Los Cabos.

Address and Phones

López Mateos (no number) between Leona Vicario and Morelos Col. Ejidal, Cabo San Lucas, México
Cel phone (011521) 624 166 33 34,
Free line in Mexico Phone: 01 800 823 77 47


Los Cabos International Airport code SJD.


13 km (8 miles) north of San Jose; 48 km (29 miles) northeast of Cabo San Lucas.


A beautiful new second terminal opened early in 1999. Both terminals have a restaurant, several snack bars and bars, various shops selling resort apparel, handicrafts, bottled liquor and sundries. There are numerous car rental agencies at both terminals.


Los Cabos Tourism Board (US Office)
Phone: (866) LOS-CABOS (567-2226, Toll Free)

Los Cabos Hotel Association (Cabo San Lucas)
Phone: 011 52 114 34777