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Gastric ByPass Surgical Procedure in Obesity Clinic Mexico

Is the cutting and stapling of the stomach bye leaving it at its 15% capacity. This pouch is connected to the small bowel, reducing the degree to which food absorption is affected. Because of this, the patient experiences an early and long lasting satisfaction with smaller food amounts. This will be translated into weight loss.

Gastric Bypass Surgery | The Procedure

This days, there are different surgeries against obesity and weight problems, all of them can be separated into 3 different groups: The restrictives, The malabsorptive and the mixed ones.

The restrictives.- Restrictive operations as its name reads are made to make the stomach smaller. If the stomach is smaller it can not hold big amounts of food, this is why will feel full faster than normal and start to lose weight. This means that you will need to make big lifelong changes in how you eat-including smaller portion sizes and different foods-in order to lose weight. The most common restrictive surgery is the lap band, the sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric bypass surgery.

The malabsorptive.-
This procedure can be translated like "the ones who interfere with the proper absorption of nutrient food" this surgeries implicate in some way that part of the stomach will be cut, stappled, or remotved and then reconnectated to the smaller intestine.

The combined procedure.- Is the combination of the last two surgeries, and they are performed to help to reduce weight faster, one example is the gastric by pass because a part of the stomach is cut but the food is still restricted by the small pouch created with the surgery.

The gastric bypass also remove the ghrelin hormone also known as the (hunger hormone) located in the cells of the stomach epithelial tissue. When the stomach is removed this hormone is removed in a major part also, this is another reason why the bypass patients will experiment a considerably reduction in his (her) appetite.

The malabsorptive surgeries are the best procedures when it comes to success in weight loss, but also represent a higher risks, this is why you should choose a professional well renowned medical team and facilities. In Obesity clinic we have the latest technology and the best medical facilities in the north of Mexico.

Because our primary objective is your safety we invite you to make a deeper research about your doctor, and the facilities you choose to get your surgery, or contact us today and get all the information you need.