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Intragastric Ballon en Mexico

  • Loss weight effortlessly
  • No ontraindications with the foods
  • Help to continue losing weight
  • Weight loss of 30-40 lbs in just 6 months
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The intragastric balloon is a method non-surgical and non-pharmacological

Intragastric Balloon in Mexico

It's a non-surgical and nonpharmacologic procedure that involves inserting a balloon or an empty silicone balloon in the stomach which is then filled with 500 CC of saline. The gastric balloon is inserted through the mouth, with an endoscopic camera, under sedation (no anesthesia) and without pain. The process takes about 15 minutes, and the patient returns home shortly afterwards...

Advantages the Intragastric Ballon

  • No surgery is performed
  • The procedure takes only 10 minutes
  • The adjustment period is 2 to 3 days
  • It guarantees a reduction of 33-44 lb in 6 months
  • This procedure is intended to any type of obesity.

Intragastric Balloon procedure


The new option in weight loss surgery
non-surgical and non-pharmacological

Information about the intragastric balloon