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Intragastric Balloon Information

Is a non surgical aid in the traetment of obesity. Consists of a soft and expandable ballon that is inserte in the stomach via endescopy (the procedure is ver secure and it takes 10 minutes to do it). Once the ballon is in the stomach, it will be filled with sterile saline. The patients report that they have a felling of fullness and start eating lees.

Intragastric Balloon procedure

The procedure is simple and consists of inserting a balloon or silicone balloon in the empty stomach which is then filled with about 500 cc of saline. The gastric balloon is inserted through the mouth, by a endoscopy camera under sedation (no anesthesia) and without pain.

The process takes about 15 minutes, and the patient returns to his home shortly after. The intragastric balloon made of silicone (an inert compound) does not produce any kind of adverse reactions in the stomach.

The intragastric balloon will last a maximum of 6 months in the stomach and the withdrawal of it is made similarly to the introduction.
After 2 or 3 days, the stomach adapts to the intragastric balloon.