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LAP BAND adjustments and filling centers in U.S.A.

The life you want starts with your surgery but, as you know, a successful surgery is just the beginning of your journey to your dreams.

For maximum success with your gastric band, you also need

    * Properly performed adjustments that give optimal restriction
    * Careful follow up support through a comprehensive aftercare program

Fill Centers USA is here to give you the support you need!

So you know how important aftercare and adjustments are to achieving the long-term success you desire with your gastric band.

You also know how difficult it can be to find that care, especially when:

    * You had surgery in a foreign country
    * You relocate
    * Your surgeon relocates
    * Your surgeon has no aftercare program or is overwhelmed with patients

Your primary concern is finding a medical professional for adjustments, someone who:

    * You can trust to give you high-quality care
    * Is conveniently located
    * Offers care within your price range

You want to know that your Aftercare Provider:

    * Is professional, knowledgeable and competent
    * Takes time to ask questions to make sure you get the right fill
    * Cares about taking the time to make sure all of YOUR questions are answered 

Good aftercare is more than just adjustments. It™s important to have the information and tools you need to create a lasting healthy new lifestyle that will support your efforts to lose weight.

As a Fill Centers USA Member, your Aftercare Provider and our Program give you what you need. You will have access to the information, resources and tools you need to succeed.

You'll receive education and support for:

    * Nutrition
    * Fitness & Exercise
    * Changing Your Relationship with Food
    * Staying Motivated
    * Dealing with Your Changing Emotions
    * Dealing with Your Changing Relationships

No matter which Aftercare Provider you choose within our Network, you can be confident that you'll be receiving care from a competent and compassionate medical professional. Your Aftercare Provider will have the training and education to care for your special needs properly. Your office visits will not only be informative, but you'll feel good knowing that you're being cared for by someone who wants to help you succeed.

How will your Aftercare Provider help you succeed? By:

    * Giving you the right adjustment for optimal restriction
    * Helping you overcome weight loss plateaus
    * Addressing any problems you may have with hunger
    * Giving you individualized counseling based on your personal nutrition and fitness needs

Get through your first year with flying colors

--achieve optimal weight loss and improved health.

By now, you're probably wondering how much it costs.

Visits start as low as for an office consult (Does not include adjustment).

Your Initial Visit includes a comprehensive consult to find out where you are with your gastric band and the best plan of action for you. Your Aftercare Provider will also determine whether or not you need an adjustment. If adjustment is unsuccessful at initial visit, there will be a subsequent adjustment with same provider at no charge (office call charges not included).

You will also be set up in our Patient Management Database

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How does this help you?

      If you move, your records will be seamlessly transferred to the Aftercare Provider of your choice.
      If you travel and need to be seen for an "unfill," or other reason, your records will be available, with your permission, to the closest Aftercare Provider.

The Initial Visit fee is a one time fee. If you change Aftercare Providers within our Network, you simply continue to pay the regular visit fees. And no matter where you go in the United States, you never have to worry about how much it will cost. Office Visits and Adjustment Visits cost the same with all Fill Centers USA Aftercare Providers.

    * Only for an Office Visit (Does not include adjustment).

Not only is the pricing the same, but you will also find the same standardized Aftercare Program including nutritional
lines, supplementation, adjustment protocol and more.

Why is this so important?

There are so many different theories about the proper nutrition and supplementation, how fast you should be losing weight, how tight the restriction should be on your band, etc. It can be confusing with so many concepts and theories. Not only that, but consistency is one of the keys to success.

Your Aftercare Program is consistent, no matter where you are or where you go in the United States. A good solid program based on the same protocol from:

a program that™s proven to work.

Not only is it extremely effective for weight loss, but it™s designed to help you maintain optimal health as you lose the weight. As part of our Aftercare Program, you also receive other tools created and designed to help you achieve maximum success with your band and your new life. You receive:

Fill Centers USA's Lifestyle

You can also choose our Annual Program, for a 10% savings.

Annual Program includes:

    * Initial Consult
    * Up to *6 fill consults (Including Initial Consult)
    * 8 office consults (*May substitute 2 office visits for 1 fill consult, up to 6 fill consults total)
    * 200pg. Lifestyle

    * Financing Available (Click Here)

Many medical professionals in the bariatric field have agreed that when a patient pays for services up front, they have that extra commitment to go to all of their appointments and fully utilize the program for consistently higher success.

Whether you choose our Annual Program or would just like to pay as you go, it's easy to get started. Just:

   1. Find the Aftercare Provider nearest you, using our Aftercare Provider Locator Map.
   2. Register online or call our toll free number at 866-345-5872
   3. Schedule an initial consult
   4. Receive your Fill Centers USA Lifestyle