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Sleeve Gastrectomy information

It is a purely restrictive procedure. The 75% of the stomach is removed (by cutting and stapling the more distensible part) leaving the sleeve shape stomach.  The stomach will be reduced but its functions are going to be preserved.

Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure

The Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a totally restrictive procedure, it consist in the cut and stapling of the stomach, leaving a narrow tube as stomach with 25% of the original capacity, the other part of the stomach (75%) is removed from the patient. This surgery also modifies the ghrelin hormone, this help the patient to regulate the appetite, and the need to ingest food.

The advantages of the sleeve gastrectomy are:

-    Is realized by laparoscopic surgery, this allow a fast recovery and less scars.
-    Considerable less surgical risks involved in the process.
-    The stomach physiology is now affected at all.
-    Ghrelin hormone reduction in a considerable amount.
-    It can be done in patients with a 32 BMI and beyond.
-    The recovery time is fast (2 hospital days) and in a week you will be fully recovered.